Promote your business with a personalised
Pocket Oz Travel and Information Hotspot

A personalised online Pocket Oz Hotspot is an inexpensive way to place your calling card on your existing and prospective customers' phone and tablet home screens.

The service is available by annual subscription.

How does it work?

We create a personalised home page for your business as part of your city or region's Pocket Oz Online Travel and Information Guide. This page is your Hotspot - it has its own web address (url) which your customers can access by either scanning a QR code or entering its web address in their web browser.

Your custom-built Hotspot includes buttons giving One-Touch access to
> automatic dialing of your phone number
> your website
> any online booking or reservation facilities you might have
> an interactive map with visual and spoken GPS directions to your premises from anywhere in Australia

The first button on your Hotspot take users directly to the Pocket Oz Travel Guide for your town, city or or region. Other buttons open the Australia For Everyone network of travel and information websites covering every state, region and major centre across Australia.

Your Hotspot includes an "Around Me" GPS menu - to find nearby public toilets, ATMs, pharmacies, service stations, etc. and gives access to news, weather, sports results, what's on locally and more wherever they are in Australia - all from your Hotspot.

Your Hotspot is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and all other operating systems. By entering your Hotspot's web address into a web browser, it can also be viewed as a web page on a computer.

Add Facebook for free

Your Hotspot can have your Facebook page emedded into it at no extra charge. As you update and change your Facebook page, users automatically see the updated information every time they open your Hotspot.

Home Screen Icon/Button

Your Hotspot contains simple instructions for users to download your own custom-designed icon/button to their phone or tablet's home screen. It works like an app - users simply tap your icon and their device accesses and opens your online Hotspot. All links on your Hotspot open in a new window in the device's web browser, leaving your Hotspot window open in the background.

A generic icon/button, or one naming your locality, eg. "Pocket Sydney", can be created at no additional cost if you would rather identify your Hotspot as a Travel and Information Guide rather than by your name. This makes it easier for users to indentify its content, particularly if your clientele is mainly people from another locality. They would also be less likely to delete the icon/button when they went home if it indicated the content was Australia-wide. Note: the Hotspot's content would remain unchanged - it would still open with your logo and information at the top.

QR Code

To assist you in promoting your online Pocket Oz Travel and Information Hotspot, we will provide you with a digital QR code that downloads a link to your Hotspot when scanned by a mobile device. Tapping the link opens the Hotspot. Users can then either continue to access your Hotspot via the downloaded QR link, bookmark your Hotspot in their web browser, or download your icon/button to their phone or tablet's home screen (instructions are provided on your Hotspot). We recommend you use the QR Code on other promotional material such as brochures, flyers, emails and on your website to gain maximum benefit.

Tent Cards

Your annual subscription includes 250 business card-sized tent cards custom printed with your personalised QR code and web address on it to place in hotel rooms, on your reception counter, or on cafe and restaurant tables. Additional tent cards or other promotional products may be purchased at cost at any time - allow 10 days delivery. Prices and details of other products available at your request.

Annual subscription - $120.00

Plus $40.00 Set-up (once-only charge) which includes a point of sale starter pack containing display cards and QR code.

View Mobile Phone Online Demo

View Online Demo as Seen on a Tablet or Computer

To view the demo on your mobile phone or tablet, open this page in your device's web brower and tap the Tablet or Computer Demo Button above. Once the page once has opened, you can download the demo home screen button to your phone's home screen by follow the simple instructions on the page.

More information

Phone 0412 905 848

Need a low-cost website? We'll create a customised Hotspot that doubles as a website

We take your Hotspot, add up to three additional pages and web hosting and it is now also a fully functional website with its own domain name. It will function perfectly as an App and as a Website.

Website - 12 months - $160.00

Plus once-only set up cost of $300.00. Hosting and domain name fee are included in the annual fee. Site maintenance extra.